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In the professional interpretation and translation services, I offer my 18 years of experience in this work area in English, Spanish and Portuguese indistinctly (level A native); for simultaneous or sequential interpretation in forums, conferences, business meetings and in the following technical areas: business, commerce, insurance, health, environment, law, forestry, agriculture among others.


Additionally to language services and taking advantage of my entrepreneurial experience in several positions and companies, along with my PNL studies with Anthony Robbins, Harmony Impact Training, The Work, in Los Angeles – California, U.S.A.; Insight I-II-III in Santa Cruz-Bolivia and Insight IV (one month training) in Santiago de Chile – Chile, I offer coaching and training services in human development. I work individually and collectively with people, organizations and companies through individual sessions, coaching and training services to attend to their requirements, creating a symbiosis between the needs and the objectives or goals proposed to construct a better experience and success through my experience and professionalism.

Member of the Bolivian Interpreter Association (A.B.I.) since 2003 with Classification A (native language), indistinctly in Spanish, English and Portuguese. See section PORTFOLIO for pictures of some clients and events in this activity.


Quality services based on a long-term experience:


Working with language and quickly finding the best concepts in our memory for what is heard, since this is a part of a process of communication directed towards a live audience.


Working with written words. In general, there is little or no contact with the authors of the documents or their audience, but there is more time to prepare the written translated document with precision.


Accompanying, orienting, training and motivating in a dynamic and interactive fashion to develop abilities, boost capabilities and performance in the personal, professional, entrepreneurial and organizational space to achieve objectives with excellence.


We create training tailored sessions in Business, conflicts, productivity enhancers, among others; with modern didactic methods to improve the overall productivity of the organization.

How Interpreters Work With 2 Simultaneous Languages

Simultaneous interpretation

¡Interpreting is much more complex and demanding than knowing how to speak the language.!

Dexterity and training are required for interpreters to overcome the barriers of language.

The concepts must reach those listening in the expected way and in the correct way, it must make sense.


Among the many jobs carried out as a simultaneous interpreter and translator, the ones that stand out:

Article in the newspaper “El Nuevo Día” dated June 06, 2017

Successful and sought after is one of the most recognized interpreters in Bolivia.

Miguel Aguirre is a recognized interpreter of the famous that arrive in the country. In his extense list he has people like Morgan Freeman, Jude Law, Dr. Patch Adams.

18 years in interpretation.


People underestimate the value of a good translation

Miguel Aguirre has an A level in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Article in “El Deber” newspaper (Economy Section) – dated March 08, 2016.

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Years of Experience
Interpretation events, both national and international
Training sessions
Languages for simultaneous interpretation: English, Spanish and Portuguese

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